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local wool - Most of the woollen things I make are from local wool. So local that I can look out of the window and wave hello and thankyou to Joyce’s sheep grazing in our field. Joyce keeps Blue Faced Leicesters, Poll Dorsets and my favourite from a wool processing point of view, Blue Faced Leicester Poll Dorset cross (let’s call it BFLPDX).
This being Cumbria there are many other sheep breeds and fleeces to choose from as well as an increasing number of alpacas. The arrival of a drum carder has helped in the creative experimenting department and I sometimes blend in other fibres such as soy silk, banana fibre, bamboo and silk as well as recycled fibres from old clothes.

yarn - I like to spin. I like to knit and I like to felt too but mostly I like to spin. I enjoy dyeing with Kool Aid (delightfully simple because it needs no mordant and leaves no residue) and experimenting with other unusual ingredients. At the moment I’m spinning old clothes. Hanks of yarn may be one of a kind sold by weight. Some hanks are repeated – I’ll give a total weight and number of hanks if this is the case.

knitted things – hats, socks, scarves, shawls, bags (knitted and felted).

felted things – birds, bird brooches, bird hairclips and hairslides, bird mobiles, bird fridge magnets, hearts and heart brooches, hairclips and mobiles.

carded batts – interesting blends of whatever is available.

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