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Tinker Tailors
Tinker's Cutting
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the tinker tailors thing

This is the home of the tinker tailors.
We make things out of stuff. We have a lot of stuff and we like to fiddle around with it while turning it into something new, or useful or fun.

All our things are handmade by Neil and Jean. We make our things from stuff which is locally sourced, gathered or found, recycled or wholly sustainable. Some people think it’s rubbish. We like to think of it as redesign, reinvention, rehabilitation.

Jean is the sock-tacular woolly-minded front-of-house wordsmith. You might meet me at shows, fairs or markets. Or you might send me an email or speak to me on the phone. I’d like that.

Neil is the stick-rubbing wooden-headed back-stage buttoneer. He doesn’t go out much and you’ll never catch him sending an email or even looking at the computer. After all, I didn’t marry him for his secretarial skills.

We both get excited about design and making things. Neil is getting over his aversion to ‘craft’ because I keep telling him It’s Art Because I Say It Is. And also because craft has taken on a new meaning since we first started on plans to build our own craft home. It’s a long, long story on paper at the moment but look out for some pics of natural building with green wood, straw bales, earth plaster and a living roof.