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peculiar notions

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All our notions are peculiar because they are unique.
They are all handmade from wood gathered locally to our home – resulting in an individual look and a natural feel.

knitting sticks
We like to call our knitting needles knitting sticks because that’s what they are. They come in a range of sizes, none of them standard, and are mostly made from silver birch which grows in abundance right next to our home.

FAQs – What size are these knitting sticks?
A – They are free size. Specially made for freedom knitters.

As well as naturally shaped knitting sticks, we also make square knitting sticks which are a bit more regular looking. Some of these are made from reclaimed wood – oak beams, bed frames, table legs, kitchen cabinet off cuts etc. We make the usual pairs or sets of 4 for circular knitting.
And while we’re on the subject of circular knitting, we also make circular knitting sticks. Some of them are round and some are square. Some of them have one thick end and one thinner end for giving interesting texture in a back and forth manner. I use mine for knitting shawls – the cable bit is about 1metre long and perfect for a great big knit.

Other peculiar notions include:

crochet hooks – stick-like and very tactile. Handmade from silver birch, alder and willow.

dizzes – smooth and square with 3 different sized holes. Handmade from hawthorn.

threading hooks – all sorts of varieties of wood. To be used with a diz or a peg loom.

niddy-noddies – handmade again, usually from reclaimed wood in a wide variety of sizes.

lazy Kates
– box construction with space for three or four bobbins. My favourite type of lazy kate with a carrying handle made from loops at either end hooked onto a niddy-noddy making lazy-kate-niddy-noddy transportation a doddle.

wraps per inch gauge – reclaimed wood again. Simple and sturdy handmade construction.
And lots and lots of buttons. See separate button things section.

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