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Every one is handmade and unique!
They are all 100% natural, wholly sustainable and made from wood gathered locally to our home – often from the bits that other people are throwing away.

The ones shown here are examples of the types of buttons we make – rounds (as round as the branch), some with bark on some with bark off, squares, parallelograms, slices cut into sections and purely random bits and pieces. Some of our buttons are made from reclaimed wood. For example, our oak buttons used to be beams in an outhouse but before that they were ships’ timbers! Arrr.

We also use our buttons to make other things such as button brooches, button rings, button earrings, button bracelets, button necklaces and Neil’s favourite ironic wooden thing – button cufflinks. Some of the things we call Butner’s Oddments – they are made from the interesting shaped bits left over from the button making process – they don’t necessarily look like buttons.

A few words about caring for your buttons.
The most important thing is to avoid the washing machine. Here we tend to think of washing as an over-rated past-time in any case but we have found that the washing machine is the enemy of unfinished wooden buttons. We have not had the same problems with handwashing (ie, cracking and splitting) but if you want to keep your buttons looking good we would always recommend removing them before any dunking in water. Linzi helpfully suggests tying them on to garments with short bits of leather thong to make removal easier. Of course, if you choose to give your buttons a finish of wax, varnish or paint, they would then be watertight and getting soaked wouldn’t be a problem.

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